Docker and Dakota

docker and dakotaDocker (on the right) is a rescue from early June, 2014. His mama had a litter of kittens in the boat outside, then moved them all, except for Docker. We estimate he was about four weeks old when we found him.

About four months later, Scooter was also left in the same boat. Scooter (the little boy that ‘helped’ me write Scooter’s Tale) was about three weeks old. About ten days later we were able to nab his twin sisters – Dakota and Skittles. (Being just a bit older, they weren’t near as happy to be rescued at little starving Scooter had been.)

Luckily, getting vaccines for the kittens, and getting them fixed, is one of the first things on our agenda. And that’s a good thing, because Docker and Dakota have become quite the item. If we’ve been able to track the ferals accurately, Docker is Dakota’s uncle. And the ferals that we haven’t been able to catch to get fixed have been leaving us enough spare kittens. We don’t need more indoors.

Sometimes I jokingly call Dakota ‘Mrs. Docker’. And when I catch them like this, I start singing…Docker and Dakota…sitting in a tree…K-I-S-S-I-N-G…


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