anyone up for a break-in?

I didn’t know this. What fun it was to find out.

The Shameful Sheep

Fun Fact: There are over 200 feral cats that live in Disneyland. They are fed, fixed, and cared for by Disney staff. The cats come around at night after the crowds are gone, and used to control the mice population. Watch out Mickey, you little shit. There’s a claw coming your way.


Anyone else think Disney at night would be fun as hell? A theme park full of 200 cats. Much better than the typical loud, poop-scented, temper-tantrum-throwing crowd you usually have to put up with. This is my idea of the happiest place on earth. Rock on, Disney. Pussy lovers unite!

torakitty (Tora-kitten is now a die-hard Disney fan)

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2 thoughts on “anyone up for a break-in?

  1. I did *not* know this. And yes, I’m all in for a night at Disney. Probably the only way you’d get me into the park at all 😀 Then again, most of us animal lovers (especially if involved with rescue) prefer animals over people, so not really surprising.

    I found your blog through the A-to-Z list… I hope you’re still participating. The blogosphere needs more animal lovers, and especially of the rescue variety. I’ll check back in April 🙂
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I’m still in for A to Z. My hard drive crashed, so my blog posts have slowed down as I’m frantically trying to recreate all the lost books & documents. But I’m all set for April I’ll see you there Guilie!


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