J: Jasper

Jasper entered our lives when we heard a faint meowing come from underneath the house. She was approximately four weeks old, the lone kitten underneath the house that May 2014 morning.

jasper baby

Jasper quickly learned that she preferred shoulders and arms over laying alone on the floor – whether I was writing or not, it didn’t matter.


And now, two years later, Jasper – who has since informed me that she prefers to go by ‘Jasper Lynn’ as it’s a girlier name – still thinks she’s the Queen. Oh my, when the younger kittens were added over the past two years, she’d hiss and growl and make all sorts of commotion. But now, who do we find snuggling and kissing their heads? Yep, Jasper Lynn.

photo (15)


6 thoughts on “J: Jasper

  1. Awwwwwwww… Jasper Lynne—oops, Lynn I mean—is adorable. So glad you found her… I wonder what happened to her siblings. And her mom. She would’ve died in a day or two, down there alone, so tiny. And look at her now 😀 My dogs had issues too when we fostered a litter of orphan puppies… But it passed. Eventually all of them got used to the little squirmy things, and one of them actually took on the role of foster uncle. He became the official guardian, and he’d jump up on anyone that picked up a puppy, as if to say, “Hey. Where you goin’ with that? It belongs down here, idiot.” Cracked me up. We got some excellent shots of them playing in the yard, just before the pups got adopted. (Wish I could’ve kept them…)

    Great post, Trisha!
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

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    1. Thank you. She is beautiful and is a sweetheart. She’s turned into a big girl, yet she doesn’t really eat that much. We’re wondering if there’s a touch of Maine Coon in her bloodline. Quite a change from the teensy thing that was screaming under the house.


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