O: Old Cats Need Love Too

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

O: Old Cats Need Love Too

Today’s a quick one for you. I saw this adorable video and it emphasizes a very important point – Old cats need love too!

Our vet had an old cat for several weeks. The owner had to move and couldn’t take the cat. Callie was about sixteen years old. Dr. C couldn’t bear to put him down. But they couldn’t find anyone to take him. Her husband (another vet) didn’t have quite the heart. He kept clamoring to end his life. So we stepped in and brought Callie home with us. He lived another two years, most of it on our kitchen counter, and was very happy.


2 thoughts on “O: Old Cats Need Love Too

  1. I had an 18 year old cat that I had from the time he was a kitten and he just died in November. My other cat is probably 15 (vet’s best estimate) and was a street cat but had been owned by someone because he was super friendly and wanted to be petted and held and fed. I’ve had him since he was about 3. Can’t imagine having to leave either one of them behind….


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