S: SANCTUARY- Cats of Angels Meadow

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

S: SANCTUARY- Cats of Angels Meadow

a place of refuge or safety.

There are millions of feral cats and probably just as many in shelters hoping for forever homes. One option that falls in-between these two extremes are animal sanctuaries. Many cats can reside in a sanctuary, some may be rehomed, and many will live out their days in a place of safety.

One sanctuary I became acquainted with through writing Scooter’s Tale, is Cats of Angels Meadow in Kentucky. Kerry cares for approximately forty-five cats at her sanctuary (numbers move up and down as cats come in and get rehomed), plus a few barn cats on the property next door. Kerry is a tireless champion for our furry feline friends. She is always feeding, cleaning, shopping for food, running cats to the vet as needed, and making sure the cats are warm or cool…and safe. I can’t imagine all the hours that she dedicates to the kits care.

Check out Cats of Angels Meadow’s Facebook page. Stop by and give them a ‘like’.

And remember (picture the following said in deep Public Service Announcement voice), most organizations caring for abandoned cats, including the large ones but especially smaller private ones such as this, can always use donations, either monetary or in the form of foods, litter, medicines, towels or blankets. If you have the resources to help out any sanctuaries you know of, I know they would greatly appreciate it.

If you have any favorite cat sanctuaries, please add a link in the comments. I’ll post the link on Scooter Pie’s Family Facebook page also. (If there’s enough links added, I’ll do a separate blog post sharing everyone’s information.)

cats of angels meadow.jpgcats of angels meadow2.jpgcats of angels meadow3.jpg


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