Four Cats and a Dog – Blogs That Is

Four Cats and a Dog – Blogs That Is

jasper baby
Jasper, one of our rescues

After completing the A to Z Blog Challenge during the month of April, with a different post for every letter of the alphabet, I’m finding myself stumped to come up with something that I haven’t talked about over the past 26 posts.

However, I realized that I met some fascinating people through this challenge and discovered some great new blogs and web pages. Here’s just a few…four featuring everything cats…and one for the dogs.


We are a group of friends that are united by our passion for (you guessed it right!) CATS!

Because we loved reading about cats on the internet we were really keen on putting together a portal not just for our own cats but also as a one stop source on all things cats for our friends and fellow cat lovers.

15 and Meowing

Cats, cats, and more cats! Here’s another great blog you don’t want to miss if you’re a cat lover. Check out the blogs from 2016’s A to Z Blog Challenge, where the cats are featured with different cat books. They must have an amazing cat book library to feature all the great selections they did.

Billy the Time Travel Cat

My name is Billy, I’m a Timecat. I became one after I got a blue box from my mom. I learned to fly my Tardis with bumps and fails. Traveling through time isn’t easy. You cannot change history because some events are fixed. Discovering it the hard way what can be done and what cannot been done.

I travel the universe and go to galaxies far away. Saving human and other races.  Visit celebrities and other cats around the galaxy. Finding fun, safe, crazy or dangerous planets. Adventure await. I hope you will join.

Three Chatting Cats

My goal with Three Chatty Cats is to bring attention to great cat rescues and their life-saving efforts. I also want to provide you with helpful tips, share inspiring rescue and adoption stories, and showcase shelter photographers.

I truly hope that we can save them all–and I want to do my part by bringing about awareness through profiling rescues and rescuers. Thanks for stopping by – and happy reading!

Angels Bark

I know, I know. Dogs are not cats. But…an animal lover is an animal lover. I met Michele at Angels Bark through the A to Z Blog Challenge and the dog rescue efforts she works with are with done with just as much love and heart as any other animal rescue efforts. She has a great post, Losing a Pet & Why It Hurts So Much, that crosses that fine line between different animal species.

I know there are thousands of others out there, and many I missed from the A to Z Challenge. If you have one, either your own cat/animal blog, or one that’s a favorite of yours, leave a link in the comments and we’ll share a follow up blog with more sites.

three kittens
Three more that joined the family over Thanksgiving weekend


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