Black Cat Appreciation Day

ceecee and babies
CeeCee with three of her babies, and Piper – just older – tagging along.

It’s my fault we have so many black cats. We’ve got a big enough crew now, that we can celebrate BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY with a vengeance.

We had a few black, or black and white cats. Monster, the old man, is a black tux. Thelma (RIP) was all black. Then a friend moved and couldn’t take her cat, so we adopted Sookie, another all black girl.

Then we kept taking in feral kittens that were either abandoned, or left behind when Mama moved the others. All gray tabbies.

And I complained. I said we needed something besides gray tabbies.

Our next rescue was a little black one we’d seen outside with Mama and his three siblings.We couldn’t get close to them. One November evening, I got home late from work. It was about 10 or 11 and it was getting cold. Our first freezing winter storm was heading into Texas. When I got out of the car, I thought I heard some strange squeaky noises from the carport. Grabbing a flashlight to investigate, we found a little black kitten trapped in the woodpile. He’d been climbing and the wood shifted and trapped him. He was frantically crying. Mama and the three siblings had long disappeared and holed up for the night. We brought him in, intending to reunite him with his family in the morning when they showed up on the front porch to eat. It didn’t happen. We kept him and Onyx turned into one of my little black babies.

When the other black sibling disappeared, we thought the worst had happened. Until several months later she reappeared – very tame – and very pregnant. When we’d pull up in the driveway, she’d appear from next door. We assume the neighbors got her when she was young and tamed her. Then for some reason, started letting her back outside again. Probably because she was such a talker. She’d jabber, jabber, jabber. We started calling her Chatty Cathy – which got shortened into CeeCee. She’d follow us inside, run around the house and say hi to the others, eat a few nibbles of food and then go back outside.

When it looked like she was about ready to give birth, I said, “Next time she comes in to visit, let’s just keep her, so she didn’t have her litter outside.”

So now we had CeeCee and her kittens that we kept: Piglet, Clyde, Mr. Peabody, Pipsqueak, Kamille, and Little Chi.

And the cycle kept going. A few more gray tabbies came our way. But for black cats, we’ve since added Lucky, Midnight, Shadow, and Charcoal.

That will teach me to watch what I say. I guess I get what I wish for. Lots of lucky, special, adorable black cats. I really meant maybe an orange tabby. But now that we’ve been blessed by all these black cats that came our way…I wouldn’t trade a single one of them.

Pipsqueak, thinking he’s hot stuff getting the crow’s nest on the cat tree.
Shadow. One of his baby pictures. He’s ten months old now.




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