Puddles and Crew

Puddles, the little gray tabby looking like a mother here, is not a mother. She was one of the Thanksgiving kittens we rescued Thanksgiving weekend last year (2015). She was the teensy thing following her brother out from under the house, through the huge puddle that was almost to her chest. It was dark. It had been raining for days. And the two little ones were hungry, out crying and looking for mother about ten o’clock at night.

Lunar, the white one, was rescued this spring, again from a litter born under the house. For some reason, he and Puddles have bonded. When we took in a few more, a gray tabby baby that got stuck between the wall and the house, and his black siblings, they’ve all ‘adopted’ Puddles as their mother too.

For a cat that has never been pregnant, nor had any kittens, this little girl sure enjoys acting like a surrogate mom to the younger ones. I try telling the little ones that they’re not going to get any milk there. I guess it’s like a baby sucking their thumb, it just feels good.





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