Black Cat Appreciation Day (August 17)

I’m a day late. But I still had to share this news. Especially since our household appreciates black cats every day! We have Onyx & CeeCee. We rescued Onxy one freezing night when he was about 5 weeks old & had gotten trapped in a wood pile in the car port. We planned on reuniting him with his family outside the next morning. But we kept him instead.

Onyx’s black sister disappeared for several months. (The other siblings were all gray tabbies) She reappeared one day, tamed (we assume a neighbor got her and tamed her) and she was very pregnant. She kept coming over, coming in the house to say hi and eat. Then she’d head to the front door, ask to be let out, and she’d leave again. As she was getting closer to time to give birth, we decided that on her next visit we’d not let her out. So we also have her now-grown babies: Mr. Peabody, Pipsqueak, Kamille and Little Chi.

From other litters we have Midnight and Shadow. Charcoal was rehomed with our vet when we didn’t have the funds for the urinary surgery he needed. Three little sisters from yet another litter are Munchkin, Willow and Lily.

Yes, we’ve got a few black cats to celebrate with!


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